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Microcontroller Applications

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Hello friends,
I recently started doing some projects using the avr family of microcontrollers. We had initially done the coding in C which is then converted to .hex files with the help of softwares like the Win AVR studio. These hex files are subsequently loaded onto the chip memory by serial or parallel connection. Then I recently had a talk with one of my peers and he gave a suggestion about using Java.The more i explored , the more i could appreciate the sheer versatality and ease of using java. But before I can do something, I need to know if there are softwares that can do the same for java source code what winAVR and the likes do for C, that is conversion to .hex format....Plz help...
I am also not sure that whether these files will be acceptable to the RISC arch AVR MCU's.

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Hi saucam,
The software which does similar sort of things for Java known as javac - Java compiler. This software transforms a Java source file to byte-code file (class file) which in turn can be interpreted by Java virtual machine (Java VM) running on target platform. Note, Java VM has to be available on your target platform.
AVR (tiny and mega) is great 8 bit RISC microcontroller family, but as far as I know there is no standard Java VM for this platform. These microcontrollers are way too limited in resources (size of RAM and ROM) for standard and even small (CLDC) Java VM. However, there is at least one project (I never used this VM) which attempts to provide non standard "super-small" Java VM for ATmega micros with more then 8 k of flash:

Also, recently Atmel introduced AVR 32 family which provides hardware support for Java byte code. I am sure standard Java VM is already available for AVR 32.