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Which configuration should i use?

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Joined: 2007-10-17

Hi Terrence Thanks a lot for ur reply. I need some advice from u. My target is to develop an application in J2ME which will play an MP3 file on ARM9 processor. I have no idea wht are the requirements for that. As u told that i need to have an MP3 decoder and support for audio playback. Other than that wht are the other s/w i need to get? And also i have some constraints

Constraints are no GUI, 32 MB flash and 16 MB RAM.

So which platfor should i choose(CLDC/CDC) ?

Thanks in advance..

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Joined: 2004-03-04

Either CDC or CLDC will work. The important part is that the platform has a JSR 135 implementation (multimedia API). In the phoneME code base we have the JSR 135 API but unfortunately we have no underlying JSR 135 implementation because the one Sun uses comes from a 3rd party so we couldn't open source that. So on your particular platform you could use for example phoneME Feature with the JSR 135 API and implement the underlying MP3 decoder yourself.

-- Terrence