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Please remove the 64mb heap maximum

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Because so many changes are integrated into Update5 related to usability on Desktops, wouldn't it be a good idea to relax or remove the 64mb heap maximum for applets?

This hard-coded limit has made many applet-coders going mad - especially in times where computers are deployed with 1-2GB, and some developer machines already have 4GB of RAM.
Of course an applet should not be able to consume all memory, especially in an untrusted enviroment but some dynamic limits like 1/3 of the available RAM would be a much better approach than simply limiting it at 64mb.
I guess it should not consume more than one or two dev hours, the code is there anyway for server-class machine detection.

It would be great to see some progress on this over-and-over discussed topic, and maybe to see some moves done.

lg Clemens

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Joined: 2003-12-31

The new applet plugin may help with that, as it will allow
per applet vm settings. See this for more details:


Joined: 2004-01-07

Hi Dimitri,

Glad to hear that the Applet-Plugin will be rewritten, I always felt it was one of those problematic points. Thats almost as good news as all the other points, I am quite excited about 6uN :-)

Thanks a lot, lg Clemens