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1. Can someone link me to a nice script/tutorial explaining Record store, i mean how to add them, replace, delete them? using thread if possible...

2. How can we check that if the host platform have GPRS connectivity or not? I am talking about bulitin technology, not to check coverage of GPRS.

3. I am using Socket connection and sending username and password to a remote server for authentication using JPAM in plain text. any methods for easy encryptions and decryption?

4. I want a common error screen and a common wait screen for my application. like:

For event x:
Error Screen shows error occurred in this event and is this....
Wait screen shows that x is being loaded, wait....

5. Any icon package for project...

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See our wiki

You can't check for a particular type of connectivity because MIDP shields a MIDlet from having to deal with bearer-specifics.

Also see our wiki

See the Mobile Visual Designer in NetBeans Mobility Pack. It offers drag-and-drop wait and error screens.

Not sure what you mean. Are you looking for icon art?

-- Terrence