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Some problem with the Client/Server Codes from the JXSE ProgGuide V2.5

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Joined: 2007-10-16

Everytime i tried to execute the source codes for the client to communicate with the server, i encounter this error. Output Pipe could not be resolved after 60000ms.
Client: Error sending message to the service
Good Bye ....
at net.jxta.impl.pipe.PipeServiceImpl.createOutputPipe(
at net.jxta.impl.pipe.PipeServiceImpl.createOutputPipe(
at net.jxta.impl.pipe.PipeServiceInterface.createOutputPipe(
at Client.startClient(
at Client.startJxta(
at Client.main(

I Do not know what happened, from what i see, up to the stage whereby the client able to find the service advertisement is alright, however this problem come when it trying to connect the output pipe to the input pipe from the server.

I running both client and server on the same system! Sorry for troubling you guys, i am a newbie here, and learning JXTA in the process! Hope that some kind souls can provide me with solution as how do i solve this issue!

Thank :)

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Joined: 2003-06-11

Which of the Guide examples were you trying to run? Almost all of the examples come preconfigured to run in ad-hoc mode which should work fine on a single machine.