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Please Suggest an IDE for me

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Joined: 2007-10-14

I've been using VAJ [visualage for java by ibm] with great success and absolutely love it, however it only supports java version 2, and I need to use some of the new Image editing classes introduced in later java versions.

Which IDE is most like VAJ?

I tried eclipse but really didnt like it too much.. For some reason I couldnt get my packages to "see" each other...

is there a way to get VAJ to "learn" a newer java vers?

Thanks so much for any help,

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Joined: 2007-10-20

Well, I'm not an expert but I strongly recommend using Eclipse, even though You didn't like it in the beginning. I'm using it all the time and it works pretty good for me. It has a great plugin support so You can do literally everything in it.
I had a similar problem as You have in the beginning but I've spent some time reading Eclipse help files and it helped me a lot getting in touch with this IDE. So maybe You could spend two hours building simple projects and configuring them and then You'll learn that Eclipse is really great. But in the end - choosing IDE is just a matter of preferences. Probably You are just familiar with one and You try to find the same options in others. You can always try NetBeans or Idea's IntelliJ.

Hope You will find something that suit You well.

Best regards.

Joined: 2007-11-12

Eclipse is a good one if you want to use the open source tool. But still for me it seems a bit odd when compared with Intellij Idea.
If you want to go for Licensed one, try out Intellij-Idea, thats really good one, I have been working with it from the last 3 years.

Netbeans comes free with JDK1.5, but it takes memory.. I haven't worked on it, If u want to go for Open source tools try first Eclipse, and then for NetBeans.