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Plz help me, I don't know how to put Java3D into Project Looking Glass 3D

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Joined: 2007-10-13

At first, I've already install Java3D it in C:\Program Files\Java\Java3D\1.5.1, and then
I install lg3d-daily-1-0-0-win32-i686-0612191042-setup.exe it in C:\:\Program Files\Project Looking Glass\LG3D Project 1-0-0
I click on Start -> Program Files -> LG3D Project 1-0-0 -> Start LG3D Project.bat
After a bit time initialization it show flash screen and turn off.
I'm really interested in this project, please help me as more details as possible.

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William Tracy

You seem to think that this problem is finding Java3D. What makes you
say this? Do you get an error message that you can copy and paste

William Tracy --

Assembly language experience is [important] for the maturity and
understanding of how computers work that it provides.
-- D. Gries

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