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[JMaki widget] scriptaculous.autocompleter problem with service

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Hello all,

I need to provide a service for the completer to use. Defaulting an _autocomplete.html file is present in the widget directory. but i want to replace it with an ArrayList object witch is builded from a data base,

here is my javascript code in component.js
jmaki.widgets.scriptaculous.autocompleter.Widget = function(wargs) {
var servicei = wargs.service;
if (!wargs.service){
jmaki.log("You did need to provide a service for the completer to use. Defaulting to an _autocomplete.html file in the widget directory.");
servicei = wargs.widgetDir + "/_autocomplete.html";

this.wrapper = new Ajax.Autocompleter(wargs.uuid, wargs.uuid + '_target',
{tokens: new Array(',','\n'), fullSearch: true, partialSearch: true}

and in my jsf page :



and in the :


public class Bean {

private List myArray = new ArrayList();

public ChangeLocaleBean(){
myArray.add(new SelectItem("John Jackson","John Jackson"));
myArray.add(new SelectItem("Jack Johnson","Jack Johnson"));
myArray.add(new SelectItem("Jane Agnews","Jane Agnews"));

public List getMyArray() { return myArray;}
public void setMyArray(List myArray) { this.myArray = myArray; }


i have a problem because the autocompletion does not work, my question is what types are supported for service attributes, can i use a String[], Array, Vector, ResultSet ?

in the log i have this for

jmaki.log(servicei); -> http://localhost:8080/WebApplication/faces/bean-myArray.ajax

is it a conversion problem ?

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Joined: 2007-11-01

So what's the right data model? I can't get it to work. This is what I did:

service="./page_user_getfirstnames.jsp" />

inside the page_user_getfirstnames.jsp is:
out.println("['test1', 'test2', 'TEST3']");

Anyway, I'm using dojo combo box now. It works and serves the same purpose. :)

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Currently we have not created a data model for the scriptatculous autocompleter and it takes plain old HTML as the return. Scriptataculous does a simple replacement if I remember correctly.

Moving forward I would like to follow a data model close to the combobox model which appears at:

I've started to move the yahoo.autocompleter for follow the similar model.

A service attribute only supports strings that are URLs.

Use a value attribute to pipe in data like what you are trying to do.

Let us know if this does not work.

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thanks gmurray71, it works correctly with the value attribute, this attribute only supports a String array in this format (if someone have another array supported by the attribute value for the scriptaculous widget please let me know)

private String chaine = "['element1','element2','element3']"; ---> OK !

List myArray = new ArrayList();
myArray.add(new SelectItem("element1","element1"));
myArray.add(new SelectItem("element2","element2")); ---> Not work !

private String[] myArray2 = new String[]{"element1","element2","element3"}; ----> Not work !!

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can you post a working bean for using the autocompleter (mybe with database access?)

Thanks, Anja