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How much connection that a rendezvous can react?

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Dear all,

I have a little problem, but is driving me crazy. And i wonder how much a rendezvous can efficiently support the edge peers. I'm trying to test on a pretty large scale network.

I've written a JXTA program. The configurations are :
- There is a peer starting at first and act as a rendezvous, called "R1".
- Another peer connects to the first one and creates a new peer group, called "Group1", and then joins the group and acts as a group rendezvous, this peer is called a "Supernode".
- Other peers, called "Leaf", join the network, query for the Group1, if found then join the group.

Each Leaf takes time in each step like this:
- Initialize : a few seconds
- Connect to the netpeergroup rendezvous (R1) : almost immediately
- Search for Peer group : fixed at 5 seconds
- Join the group : 2 -3 seconds
- Connect to the group rendezvous (Supernode) : 10 - 30 seconds, or never -*-

The first experiment I test on a single machine. I run JXTAShell as the R1. Everything seems to work fine, even sometime the leafs cannot connect to the group rendezvous and I force it to exit from the program after 60 seconds (it is too long to wait). Peers can succesfully send messages to each other. I run 4 leafs on the single machine ( is it overload ?? :p). All connections use TCP with multicast enabled.

Next I setup an environment in LAN. The R1 and the Supernode is running on the same machine. Other leafs peer run on the other machines. I run 4 leafs peer machine. the fist machine can connect fine on each step (still rarely lost connection to the group rendezvous). the next 4 leafs on another machine seems to be worse and worse. More peer more lost connection. And after a while some connected leafs lost connection too. After this it is harder to run more leafs.

I'm not pretty sure how much a rendezvous , or a group , can supports connections but however it shouldn't be so small like this.

I think my Jxta configuration is ok, especially using TCP in LAN, since most of the peers to work fine

Thanks in advance. Any suggestion will be appreciated.


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Did you run jxta-c or jxta-java? If jxta-c, how can you run several peers on the same pc? Your help will be greatly appreciated!