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shell rendezvous problem?

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Joined: 2007-07-04

i am trying to populate my shell with peers and groups.
i tried using
as renzvous seed uri and
realy sed uri but
on using rdvsataus all i get is :
Current Configuration:EDGE
lalitpur A p t [5/0]

Peer view:
"JXTA.ORG:36" A p t [0/0]

Rendezvous Connection:
JXTA.ORG:36 C : 1199544/ 89544

Rendezvous Disconnections:

on launcing the application i also get thesse error:
at net.jxta.impl.rendezvous.rpv.PeerView.refreshSelf(
at net.jxta.impl.rendezvous.rpv.PeerView.makeMessage(
at net.jxta.impl.rendezvous.rpv.PeerView.send(
at net.jxta.impl.rendezvous.rpv.PeerView.access$1600(
at net.jxta.impl.rendezvous.rpv.PeerView$
at java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop(

what could be the problem?????

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Joined: 2003-06-11

The exception stack you presented seems incomplete. Could you post the beginning of the exception?

Regarding the "populate peers and groups". Remember that JXTA behaves mostly passively. Unless you specifically search for peers or groups then your peer won't automatically find other peers or groups. And, because you'll almost certainly run into this problem, wildcard searches for peers and groups may return minimal (incomplete) results. Again, this is done to reduce network load. Only specific searches for peers, pipes, groups, etc. will return exact results.