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report InvalidJadException: Reason = 30 when installMidlet on my zaurus PDA

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I have successfully compiled phoneMe Features for my Sharp Zaurus PDA CL-S3200 and I also generated a demp MIDlet(from phoneME site) for testing.

First, I copied all the required files including phoneMe and demo application(jad and jar) onto my PDA. Then I started to try it as the following:

#bin/arm/installMidlet file:///hdd3/midp/Areith.jad

the output is:
Error installing the suite: Reason = 30
com.sun.midp.installer.InvalidJadException: Reason = 30
- com.sun.midp.installer.Installer..unknown.(), bci=188

I checked the error code, it should mean Insufficient Storage. Could someone tell me how I could solve the issue?

BTW, I know for my PDA, there is no SD card or CF card inserted.

Thanks in advance!

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Joined: 2006-10-18


First of all, please ensure that the jad file contains an URL pointing to jar that begins with "file://" scheme (no other schemes will work with the file installer).
You may also try to install the midlet directly from jar.
If everything is ok, please check the total size of files in "appdb" directory and the size of jar that you are installing.
Can this midlet be installed using the graphical installer (usertest)?