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Hi all, i'm new on the forum of this proget.
I need some newbie's info about timingframeworks because i've to start working with it, but i really don't know where to starts to make something with timingframeworks library. Info about
- how import library in Eclipse or NetBeans
- how use timingframework in Eclipse / NetBeans in general (if u can, can u post a really small code example?)
can be very useful.

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Good places to start:

- Check out the link at the top of the main page on the project to Chapter 14 in the book. It's a good intro to some of the fundamentals of the library (and you don't have to buy the book to get this chapter...). If you want to know the rest, the best places are looking at the JavaDocs, the code itself, and the various demos. Oh, and Chapter 15 of the book...
- Check out the demos on the book's website: They show various examples of using the timing framework in small, bite-sized apps. They're also all available as NetBeans projects on the demo site at
- Check out the demo sources hosted on the timing framework project itself.