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link between jmaki attributes and a custom widget

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hello all,

How jmaki makes it possible to connect the attributes values with the widgets ?

i'm working with a custom widget (developed in javascript), added in jmaki successfully but i don't see how can i use the attributes of the widget :

here is my exemple:

the value "parameter" is an url of xml file required for my javascript widget to initialize it. (like the src for the html component image)

how and where can i retrieve this value ?

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What does the widget code look like? If you follow the widget model you should
have a constructor like

jmaki.widgets.mywidgets.widget1.Widget = function (wargs) {}

The attributes are passed in wargs. You should be able to do
wargs.value to get what you want.

BTW, by convention we use the attribute service to pass in the url of a file. It is
a convention so what you are doing will work.