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problem with creating peergroup

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Joined: 2007-08-11

hi all,
when i work on a peergroup management function, within which a peergroup can changs its membership service between "none-protected","psw" and "pse", for every
change i flush the peergroup adv and create a new one with it's peergroup id unchange.
somehow, i got the following exception:

No progress is being made in starting services after 27 iterations. Giving up.
The following services could not be started :
urn:jxta:uuid-DEADBEEFDEAFBABAFEEDBABE0000000605 : net.jxta.impl.rendezvous.RendezVousServiceImpl@1083717
urn:jxta:uuid-DEADBEEFDEAFBABAFEEDBABE0000000705 : net.jxta.impl.peer.PeerInfoServiceImpl@58cca9
urn:jxta:uuid-DEADBEEFDEAFBABAFEEDBABE0000000205 : net.jxta.impl.resolver.ResolverServiceImpl@1e4905a
urn:jxta:uuid-DEADBEEFDEAFBABAFEEDBABE0000000305 : net.jxta.impl.discovery.DiscoveryServiceImpl@c12474
urn:jxta:uuid-DEADBEEFDEAFBABAFEEDBABE0000000405 : net.jxta.impl.pipe.PipeServiceImpl@407166
2007-9-28 17:22:19 net.jxta.impl.endpoint.EndpointServiceImpl stopApp
INFO: Endpoint Service stopped.
2007-9-28 17:22:19 net.jxta.impl.peergroup.GenericPeerGroup decRefCount
INFO: [urn:jxta:uuid-8B33E028B054497B8BF9A446A224B1FF02] GROUP REF COUNT DECCREMENTED TO: 2 by
2007-9-28 17:22:19 close
INFO: Closing Indexer
2007-9-28 17:22:19 net.jxta.impl.peergroup.GenericPeerGroup loadModule
WARN: Initialization failed
net.jxta.exception.PeerGroupException: Could not load module for : urn:jxta:uuid-35BB85EA511448599B8CFDFD0603383402 (General Purpose Peer Group Implementation)
at net.jxta.impl.peergroup.GenericPeerGroup.loadModule(
at net.jxta.impl.peergroup.GenericPeerGroup.loadModule(

can anyone give me some hints on this, any help r appreciated.

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Joined: 2003-06-11

The exception unfortunately doesn't provide the root cause of the problem. It may be necessary to increase the logging level and look further back into the logs to see why the peergroup could not start.

Regarding changing the module impl advertisement to change services while using the same peer group id. This is not recommended. Because of the way that advertisements are cached it is strongly advised that once created the contents of the peer group advertisement and the advertisements it refers to never be changed. Maintaining consistent advertisement insures that all peers using the advertisement behave correctly.