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Help: need code with test suites for impact analysis

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I am a doctoral student. I am looking for Java programs with various number of classes for a case study of a tool I developed that performs dynamic software change impact analysis. After changes are made to an existing program, this tool tells you which parts of the program need to be retested.

Here is what I am looking for:
3 programs with test suites, preferably 2 different versions for change comparison. These programs should be of different scales, e.g. one with about 20, 30 classes, one with over 50 and near 100 classes and the other with about 200 or 300 classes. They can contain other number of classes, as long as I can find 3 that are of different scale.

Please help everyone, I will include your program and your name in my upcoming paper when I use the program for case studies.

If you know where I can find these programs, please advice also. Names of people who provide helpful tips will also be mentioned in my paper and doctoral dissertation.

I am desperate, thanks a lot! :)

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Hi lhuang2 !
The commerical J2EE Application Servers (such as Weblogic, Websphere) come with a prebuilt Application for tutorial purposes. You can download a trial version and may be able to make use of it. Nothing else come to my mind as of now.

Good luck.
- Karun