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Now that 1.0 is out,

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Can you (or someone on the team) provide a few simple jsf specific examples on how to integrate the various components with backing beans?

It seems that some of the docs on how to do this are outdated or are straight jsp examples.

Specifically, I'd like to see a combo box example and a dojo grid example.


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We have two sample applications which still need to be rebuilt for 1.0 (they are built with currently) and they can be found at:

The two applications end with "-jsf" The dojo one in particular is the one that should interest you as it pulls data in from backing beans.

Using the combobox pulling data from a backing bean and updating it later is covered in the combobox test page. Make sure to the at the glue.js where it posts back to the component the selected value.

We also plan to revise our using JSF application in the not too distant future.

Jennifer ball has done some good work in her blog on JSF with backing beans and JSP beans which you can find at:

Using the same concepts we used with the combobox you can use with data tables. There is some in depth coverage in Carla's blog called how to implement data pagination in jMaki tables at:

We also have a JSP sample that is part of the download called "Load Table" that shows how to work with the data tables (it uses a Yahoo table but the API calls are exactly the same).

We will post when we update the Using JSF document again. I hope that will be soon.