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Create a new widget in JMaki

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Joined: 2007-09-03

hello all,

i try to add a new custom widget developed in javascript, how can i add my custom widget like dojo.combobox for example ?

the final result can be

<%@ taglib prefix="a" uri="http://jmaki/v1.0/jsf" %>


the widget is precisely one of Mapbuilder widgets (Mapbuilder is a javascript framework to generate various maps for web applications).

someone can describe me which files must be changed and the procedure to carry out this project ?

is it very difficult to add a new widget in JMaki ?

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Joined: 2005-02-10


Thanks for the interest in jMaki. In fact, I have been talking about writing a blog on this very topic. Have you looked at the documentation? See

Most likely I will get to this next week.