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Java RIA library: Canoo UltraLightClient 6.2

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Joined: 2003-06-16

Canoo has released version 6.2 of its Java RIA library, UltraLightClient ( ).

Download the new version here:

This release focuses on improving testing of UltraLightClient applications.

New features include a new test framework, integration into Mercury QuickTest Professional and many feature requests:

* Custom labels for slider.
* Cell-based popup menus to add a context menu to every cell in a table, a tree, a list, or a table tree.
* A number of small improvements for existing user interface components such as:
o Adding component orientation - from left to right / right to left,
o Scrollable tabs,
o Window decorators,
o Table column events.
* Spinner component support.
* Possibility to customize the InputBlocker during server roundtrips to provide feedback to users.
* Enhanced extensions to access the client file system.

A list of changes can be found in the release notes ( ). In addition to ULC 6.2, a new version of the ULC Visual Editor for Eclipse 3.2 is available.