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bluetooth jsr82

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Joined: 2007-09-24

hi iam new to bluetooth can any one please say how to develop jsr82 envirolment in netbeans 5.5 .

i tryed to develop in net beans using mobility option .in
mobility ->mobile class library and after finish in source packages i taken MIDlet
and after that i run some sample code iam getting error as class not a midlet .

can some one say how to run bluetooth code using jsr82 API in netbeans platform and how to run in emulator.

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Joined: 2006-04-23

Hi Nanda,

after you create a mobile project you can check Bluetooth availability by clicking with the right button in the project and then Properties->Plataform, then select the Java Apis for Bluetooth Wireless Technology optional package (by default is selected). After that, you can run two instances of the project and emulate Bluetooth communication.

Try to run BluetoothDemo available in ME Application Developers Demo Box (