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LocationProvider implementation for windows

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Joined: 2007-09-24

Hello all,

Can any one direct me please to a LocationProvider implementation for windows of the JSR-179 location api.
it seems that each mobile device should have it's own implementation of the LocationProvider. what happens if my mobile device is an ordinary PC running Windows?
for that matter in need also an implementation for linux...

It seems so trivial, I just need an implementation that knows to read NMEA protocol out of a COM port....

it should be simple I feel that I'm missing something... I'm trying to find something for that last 24h and come in vain.

please help,
tnx in advanced,
Shahar Daniel

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Joined: 2007-09-24

I got this email from Kevin Sally:
Hi Shahar,

The JSR179 spec/API is meant to be used on Mobile devices with an embedded GPS receiver. However, having said that, if you include the JSR 179 package in your JSE application for a PC, you can use the distance measurements etc that are packaged with the JSR179 package. It seems like overkill though, I am sure there are other open source packages out there that will provide the capability to measure distances between points, etc.

Basically, you will have to use streaming NMEA data on your serial port to aquire the GPS coordinates as the JSR179 spec is not meant to aquire GPS coordinates from a serial port.

I hope this helps.


Kevin Sally, P.Eng
Certified Senior IT Architect, IBM WebSphere Services