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JxCapture 1.0 - screen capture from Java

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JxCapture, the new product by TeamDev, is the library that allows adding different screen capturing abilities to your Java software. With our powers to speak platforms' languages it was easy to introduce several capture operations and gain outstanding performance even for high resolutions and multiple monitors.

  • Multiple screen capture operations:
    • full-screen capture (available on multiple monitors),
    • active window capture,
    • object capture of any UI element like window, button, menu, etc.
    • rectangular region capture.
  • Extensive capture options like capture transparent windows, mouse cursor inclusion, easy-to-set keyboard shortcuts, etc. View JavaDoc.
  • JxCapture demo application and code samples demonstrating all the API features.

JxCapture is now available for commercial usage.

Right now JxCapture is only available on Microsoft Windows platform, but we are already working on Mac OS X version and Linux is on its way.

Special offer: if you purchase JxCapture for Windows now, you will receive licenses for Mac OS X and Linux free of charge. The offer is valid until the end of this year.
The version for Mac OS will be available in December 2007.

To try JxCapture, run one of its Web Start demos that contain all needed screen capture abilities (full-screen, region, active window, UI element capture, etc).

Hint: You can use JxCapture demo as a free screen capturing utility for your daily needs.

You'll notice two demos. They have same functionality but they are implemented using different technologies. We've been intrigued by the new Swing Application Framework and wanted to get our hands on it on a real application. You can try it and see the code of both demos to compare.

Evaluate full-featured JxCapture for 30 days and let us know what you think.

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