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Subject: Hyperjaxb3 release 0.2
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 17:12:18 +0200
From: Aleksei Valikov

Dear community! I'm glad to announce the 0.2 release of Hyperjaxb3.

Hyperjaxb3 [1] is a JAXB [2] plugin which annotates schema-derived
classes with Java Persistence API [3] annotations effectively making
these classes persistent.

Hyperjaxb3 resolves a lot of incompatibilities between JAXB and JPA,
taking into an account JPA limitations and JAXB peculiarities.
Generated annotations are 100% standard (no vendor extensions used)
meaning your classes will be portable across EJB3 containers. There
are no database dependencies - you can persist your schema-derived
classes in any database supported by your container. Hyperjaxb3
supports a very large set of schemas - and we are working towards
supporting all the schemas that JAXB supports.

This is a first public release of Hyperjaxb3. It implements most
features required by the real-life projects as well as most important
customizations. Both generated and runtime code is stable and can be
used in production.

Please visit the announcement page [0] for details, download and
documentation links.



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