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Adding a new service

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Joined: 2007-08-15

I have a few questions about how to add a new service to mobicents.

As a simple example: If a client sends a SIP request of type MESSAGE with the word "password" in the body, to the server, I want a SIP request of type MESSAGE to be sent back with a password (chosen in advance) in the body.

How can I add such a service?

Do I have to create a new recource adaptor? Shall I follow "Implementing a JSLEE Resource Adaptor - A quick starter's" at guide

Or can I add a Sbb?

Is it possible to add this service if I have installed and run a Mobicents binary distribution (I guess not) or do I have to buil from source distribution?

Do anyone have any handy tips?

// Kumlin

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Joined: 2005-10-10

the external resource is SIP and you already have a SIP Resource adaptor, look at sip examples like wake-up, all you need is to make a service with a sbb that handles the SIP MESSAGE request, returns 200 OK and then selects the password and returns it on a new sip transaction.