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Problem with XMPP on Opencloud

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Hi, Based on the XMPP RA for mobicents I wrote an RA for Opencloud. And in order to test the functionality of this, I took the example of XMPP-Component from mobicents. But, I cannot get past an error mentioned below:

I installed the XMPP RA on Opencloud (which is currently active); entity xmppra and bound a link name "xmpp_ra". In the SBB-jar.xml of XMPP-Component I added the following:

XMPPResourceAdaptorType org.mobicents



My compiles without any errors. But when I deploy I get following messages (with exceptions):

2007-09-18 15:49:38.002 INFO [] authentication succeeded for user admin
2007-09-18 15:49:38.314 INFO [] Installing deployable unit from URL file:/home/s3server/rhino/examples/xmpp-component/jars/XMPPComponent-DU.jar
2007-09-18 15:49:38.387 INFO [] Installing: XMPPComponent-DU.jar
2007-09-18 15:49:38.459 INFO [] Parsing sbb deployment descriptor in jars/XMPPComponent-sbb.jar
2007-09-18 15:49:38.460 INFO [] Parsing service deployment descriptor in src/org/mobicents/slee/service/xmppcomponent/XMPPComponent-service.xml
2007-09-18 15:49:38.460 INFO [] Verifying sbb component definitions in jars/XMPPComponent-sbb.jar
2007-09-18 15:49:38.483 INFO [] Verifying service definitions in src/org/mobicents/slee/service/xmppcomponent/XMPPComponent-service.xml
2007-09-18 15:49:38.487 INFO [rhino.state.deployment] Installing deployable unit: file:///home/s3server/rhino/examples/xmpp-component/jars/XMPPComponent-D...
2007-09-18 15:49:38.537 INFO [] Installing SBB XMPP Component SBB 1.0, PT Inovacao
2007-09-18 15:49:38.539 INFO [] Generating XMPP Component SBB 1.0, PT Inovacao SBB implementation
2007-09-18 15:49:38.541 INFO [] Building jar: /home/s3server/rhino/node-101/work/deployments/unit1190148578314/unit1190148578314.jars.XMPPComponent-sbb.jar.XMPP_Component_SBB_PT_Inovacao_1_0.src.jar
2007-09-18 15:49:38.777 INFO [] Installing service XMPP Component Service 1.0, PT Inovacao
2007-09-18 15:49:38.783 INFO [] Compiling generated SBB code
2007-09-18 15:49:38.783 INFO [] Compiling generated SBB classes
2007-09-18 15:49:40.054 INFO [] Building OCBB jar: /home/s3server/rhino/node-101/work/deployments/unit1190148578314/
2007-09-18 15:49:40.219 INFO [] Building service application jar: /home/s3server/rhino/node-101/work/deployments/unit1190148578314/
2007-09-18 15:49:40.562 INFO [] Generating OCBB code for service
2007-09-18 15:49:43.134 INFO [rhino.config.objectpools.util] Creating new object pool configuration for ObjectPools/Service_XMPP_Component_Service_1_0__PT_Inovacao
2007-09-18 15:49:43.153 INFO [rhino.config.objectpools.util] Creating new object pool configuration for ObjectPools/Service_XMPP_Component_Service_1_0__PT_Inovacao
2007-09-18 15:49:43.186 INFO [rhino.state.deployment] Installing service: XMPP Component Service 1.0, PT Inovacao
2007-09-18 15:49:43.307 INFO [ocbb.application] Instantiating container: com.opencloud.deployed.Service_XMPP_Component_Service_1_0__PT_Inovacao.SBBEventMask_XMPP_Component_SBB_PT_Inovacao_1_0OCBB_Container
2007-09-18 15:49:43.334 INFO [ocbb.application] Instantiating container: com.opencloud.deployed.Service_XMPP_Component_Service_1_0__PT_Inovacao.SBB_XMPP_Component_SBB_PT_Inovacao_1_0OCBB_Container
2007-09-18 15:49:43.367 INFO [rhino.appcontainer] Deployed Service XMPP Component Service 1.0, PT Inovacao
2007-09-18 15:49:43.367 INFO [rhino.state.deployment] Binding xmppra to name slee/resources/xmpp/2.0/xmppinterface in sbb XMPP Component SBB 1.0, PT Inovacao
2007-09-18 15:49:43.459 INFO [] Installation of deployable unit successful
2007-09-18 15:49:43.535 INFO [] Activating service XMPP Component Service 1.0, PT Inovacao
2007-09-18 15:49:43.556 INFO [memdb.sql.storer] [ManagementDatabase/rhino_management] Committed 6 updates to the disk-based database, 1 updates remaining
2007-09-18 15:49:43.567 INFO [rhino.servicestate] Received request from cluster to activate service XMPP Component Service 1.0, PT Inovacao
2007-09-18 15:49:43.568 INFO [rhino.state.service.listener] Activating service: XMPP Component Service 1.0, PT Inovacao
2007-09-18 15:49:43.572 INFO [memdb.sql.storer] [ManagementDatabase/rhino_management] Committed 1 updates to the disk-based database, 0 updates remaining
2007-09-18 15:49:43.667 INFO [rhino.servicestate] Service XMPP Component Service 1.0, PT Inovacao activation complete, service state is now ACTIVE
2007-09-18 15:49:43.699 WARN [ocbb.container.SBB_XMPP_Component_SBB_PT_Inovacao_1_0OCBB] Bean failure: com.opencloud.deployed.Service_XMPP_Component_Service_1_0__PT_Inovacao.SBB_XMPP_Component_SBB_PT_Inovacao_1_0OCBB_Bean@113da7a
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/mobicents/slee/resource/xmpp/XmppResourceAdaptor$XmppRASbbInterfaceImpl
at org.mobicents.slee.service.xmppcomponent.XMPPComponentSbb.setSbbContext(Unknown Source)

at com.opencloud.rhino.deployed.sbb.PT_Inovacao.XMPP_Component_SBB_1_0.SbbEJBBean.setEntityContext(
at com.opencloud.deployed.Service_XMPP_Component_Service_1_0__PT_Inovacao.SBB_XMPP_Component_SBB_PT_Inovacao_1_0OCBB_Bean.ejbRhinoSetEntityContext(
at com.opencloud.ob.Rhino.runtime.y4.initializeObjectPools(2176)
at com.opencloud.ob.Rhino.runtime.aab.afterCompletion(2176)
at com.opencloud.ob.Rhino.runtime.p3.a(2176)
at com.opencloud.ob.Rhino.runtime.p3.b(2176)
at com.opencloud.rhino.node.state.ServiceStateImpl__OCSkel.b(2176)
at com.opencloud.rhino.node.state.ServiceStateImpl__OCSkel.a(2176)
at com.opencloud.ob.Rhino.runtime.uf.a(2176)
at com.opencloud.ob.Rhino.runtime.uf.a(2176)
at com.opencloud.ob.Rhino.runtime.ajf.a(2176)
at com.opencloud.ob.Rhino.runtime.t1.a(2176)
at com.opencloud.ob.Rhino.runtime.t0.a(2176)

Why is XMPP-Component not able to find the XmppResourceAdaptor$XmppRASbbInterfaceImpl when deployed ? I checked my classpath and its compiling without any errors.

Is there anything obvious I am missing ?


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Joined: 2005-10-10

You should check OC support for this, from what I know their class loading imposes some restrictions not found on mobicents, but I'm not sure. By the way, the ActivityContextInterface factory shouldn't pass deploy, since it has a getActivityContextInterface(String) and there is no activity of type String, did you fixed this?

I know PT Inovação has a version of this RA modified for Rhino, maybe someone from their team can see this and give you some help, but as I said, noone better to give support of Rhino than OpenCloud.



Joined: 2007-08-07

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for your quick response.

I did modify the ActivityContextInterface factory interface with the following:

public interface XmppActivityContextInterfaceFactory {

public ActivityContextInterface getActivityContextInterface(
org.mobicents.slee.resource.xmpp.XmppConnection connection) throws NullPointerException,
UnrecognizedActivityException, FactoryException;


Also, I didnt write a as Opencloud SLEE doesnt have a SleeContainer class which allows registerWithJndi() functions. Also, in the examples provided for Development-RA Opencloud didnt write any class that implements the ActivityContextInterface Factory interface.
Anyhow, I was able to compile and deploy XMPP RA on opencloud (not sure if functions as it supposed to).

I would really appreciate a working version of XMPP on Opencloud. Do you have any contact of PT Inovação ?

I am writing an email to support @ opencloud DOT com. But, other than that are you aware of any active forums for Opencloud ?


Joined: 2006-09-07


I sent you a mail.

Bruno Duarte

Joined: 2006-05-07

Please send support requests for OpenCloud to

Best Regards,