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ra-type.xml - activity context interface methods and descriptor contents

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Hey Guys. I have been wondering about verification of ACIF.

In ra-type.xml we have:

<p>                    org.weirdo.Activity1</p>

in acif interface we have methods - getActivityContextInterface(SOME_ARG)
What are values allowed as type of SOME_ARG?
In my understanding:
* types specified in activity-type-name
* plus primitive types - as in 1.1 specs (but thats weird )

<br />
Activity interfaces and classes.<br />
For each identified Activity, the resource adaptor type must define a Java object that represents the<br />
Activity (see Section 7.2). The resource adaptor type declares the interfaces and/or classes of these<br />
Activity objects. If a resource adaptor type maps an underlying resource’s Activity that is represented<br />
by a primitive Java type to a Java object, then this mapping should be well-documented.<br />

Is it correct to define activty type name as java.lang.Interger and have method "getActivityContextInterface(java.lang.String activity)" ??

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Joined: 2005-10-10

What I understand from that code is that you can use java primitives as activity objects. The ACIF implementation is done by the SLEE platform, unlike we have now in Mobicents, so the interface is always getActivityContextInterface(X activity) where X is a activity type specified in the ra type descriptor.

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What Eduardo says is correct here.

Joined: 2006-01-09

thought so.
ok so arguments in acif funstions can be:
* classes pointed by ra-type.xml
* primitive types - defined in java:
There are nine predefined Class objects to represent the eight primitive types and void.
These are created by the Java Virtual Machine, and have the same names as the primitive
types that they represent, namely boolean, byte, char, short, int, long, float, and double.

Is any other argument allowed? (I think not, but... :) ) - for instance java.lang.String ?

Joined: 2006-05-07

String is not a primitive type, so it would fall under "classes pointed to by ra-type.xml" i.e. you can have an ActivityType declaring the type to be a java.lang.String if you wanted to.