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Dynamic internationalization framework via Auxiliary Look and Feel

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Joined: 2003-07-17

An internationalization framework, implemented as an Auxiliary Look and Feel and thus co-operates with the chosen Look and Feel.

Instead of setting a localized value to a component, a key is set. During installUI those keys are resolved to localized values. Localized values may be in MessageFormat format. Variables can be attached to a component via a helper class.

A mechanism is available that automatically swaps JSplitPane (in vertical split mode) when the component orientation changes.

A triggering mechanism is provided that, when the locale or timezone changes, performs a pseudo L&F change to have installUI performed on all components.

A ResourceBundle editor is available with translation hint capabilities (builds a dynamic dictionary)

First pre-release available at http:\\

Feedback is very much appreciated.

Thanks, Piet Blok