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Arabic Translation of LG3D

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Joined: 2007-09-15

Hi Friends,

I would like to contribute to the LG3D project by translating it in the Arabic language in order to make it a universal project.


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Kirk Turner

Thanks for the offer to help out with LG3D. We have been a little quiet
lately, but it'd be great to let more people know about lg3d. If you would
like to contribute you'll need to send in a signed JCA (have a read here:, and for translations apply for a
Content Developer role in the project (it might be worth
applying to lg3d-core). Once you've done that it might be worth putting a
note here if you don't get a response back (I can ping a couple of people).

In the mean time if you'd like to start translating you can check out the
cvs and go from there, and also have a read of

Thanks again.


Joined: 2009-01-16

Thanks for your offer. [url=]spanish translator[/url]