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Unable to get the source code from CVS.

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After configuring the CVS root with the following:
and entered my password.

I could not check out the code from CVS. Followig message is displayed
"Can not connect".
I would be glad if any one can help me out.


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Hai I'm a student in JAVA,interested in LG3D project.
I'm at the very first level of Programming. When I tried to get the SOURCE
CODE of LG3D,whereever in the net, I'm only meets the term "CVS".I don't
know about CVS. Can you explain it for me?
Also,Please tell me how can I get the source code.
Waiting eagerly for your reply.
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Kirk Turner


I don't normally specify the port (its uses the CVS default port), and I
think that might be an issue with what you posted, it should read something

Otherwise, have you tried again recently - it may be that the cvs server was
down (I see it occasionally given the time differences from the US hosting
put it in prime time for me).

Otherwise if you can provide a little bit more information it would be good:
1. What OS are you on?
2. What CVS client?
3. What are the commands you are using.