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Failed to instantiate class org.jvnet.ajax.eclipse.jmaki.project.facet.Ajax

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Joined: 2007-09-14

Hey ! I had installed the jMaki plugin for Eclipse 3.2 and when I added a new dynamic web project and when I selected the jMaki Ajax Project facet and when I clicked the final OK to create the web project, I had this error :

Failed to instantiate class org.jvnet.ajax.eclipse.jmaki.project.facet.AjaxFacetInstallDataModelProvider.

I'm complety new in programming Java and installing plugins because I come from the Microsoft technologies. So I do something or I don't do something. Anyway I'm complety lost.

My configuration is following :
- JRE 1.4 (I know there are more recent but I have this constraint)
- Tomcat 5.0
- Eclipse 3.2
- I try to install the jMaki release from 0.9.3 to each time I have this error

If someone has any idea, he or she is very welcomed !

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Joined: 2003-07-31

I also suspect it might be an issue with 3.2. I know that since .9.3 we have focused on Eclipse 3.3

I take it moving to Eclipse 3.3 is not a possibility?

Can you try updating to the latest 1.0 release and see if this is still giving issues? We pushed the bits today.