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[JAI-IMAGEIO] Problem reading customers TIFF image

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Brian Burkhalter

Thanks for filing this issue. A preliminary fix has been checked in to the
repository. It will be available in the daily build labelled 2007-09-14 which
will be posted here

some time between approximately midnight and 1:00 AM Pacific Time tomorrow
morning. Please check whether this fix resolves your problem.

We recommend that anyone who uses Old-JPEG-in-TIFF images try out this fix as
some fundamental logic has changed.



On Thu, 13 Sep 2007, wrote:

> Issue #|154
> Summary|Undecodable TIFF with old JPEG in it
> Component|jai-imageio-core
> Version|1.1
> Platform|All
> OS/Version|Windows XP
> URL|
> Status|NEW
> Status whiteboard|
> Keywords|
> Resolution|
> Issue type|DEFECT
> Priority|P3
> Subcomponent|implementation
> Assigned to|issues@jai-imageio-core
> Reported by|schalueck
> ------- Additional comments from Thu Sep 13
06:31:38 +0000 2007 -------
> I have a customers document that can't be decoded, even if it is decodable with
> EMC Pixtools/EZ component.

>^..^< >^..^<

Brian Burkhalter
Java Media, Imaging, and Graphics
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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Marco Jacob

Is there an alternative JRE imageio JPEG codec?
When I use pure Java mode imageio offers only
the JRE imageio JPEG codec but not a jai_imageio
codec. Unfortunately some customer images can't
be read because the header seems not to be correct.
Imaging software like IfranView can show these images.

I'm not able to give this images because they contain
customers information. Maybe I'm able to extract the
header to improve a codec.

What about alternatives or an improved codec without
using a new version of Java?

Kind regards,
Marco Jacob, PMP
Prisma GmbH, Germany

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