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Ist there a JXTA J2ME forum? where to get net.jxta.j2me.* ?

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Hi dear all,
is there a JXTA j2ME forum which is specially about J2ME in JXTA? I am new to J2ME and crazy that I could find hardly any tutorials about it.

from the link

I could hardly find further information by clicking the link on it. Most of the link go to

then what I could do is just to go to


and it's like I get lost within a circle ...

2. where could I get package net.jxta.j2me.*?

I would be so glad with any help. Tks!

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Joined: 2007-10-21

I want to do an application for mobile file sharing and so i wanted to learn jxme but I cannot even test the chat demo.Did you find any useful tutorial.If any of you managed to test the chat demo could you tell me if there are some settings that need to be done? I cannot connect to a buddy and when I want to send something I get "PipeID does not exist".Why? I would really appreciate your help.

Joined: 2008-01-08

hello adeladanam ,
i am also making a p2p application using proxyless version for J2ME
but i am unable to start if you can guide me how should i make my hello world like program in JXTA for J2ME(Proxyless version)
as you have done this step so you may guide me better??

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Thanks for the feedback on the links, we'll have to comb through those and correct them. As for tutorials on JXME, they're included in the source tree in their perspective bindings (proxy/proxyless). In addition in the proxyless binding, most of the programmers guide tutorials should work (with minor modifications, as generics are not supported in CDC).

hope that helps