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SyntheticaAddons V0.9.5 released!

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Joined: 2004-08-31

The SyntheticaAddons for Swing project has announced the release of version 0.9.5.

SyntheticaAddons is a component library for Swing.

The library comes along with UI-delegates for components of the SwingX project and Flexdock (a Docking Framework). SyntheticaAddons provides the perfect look for SwingX components and Flexdock to work together with standard Swing components and Synthetica themes. To be ready for business the package also supports some additional components which have been build from the scratch.

New Features:
* Added support for Synthetica's WhiteVision Look and Feel
* New component called SystemMonitor to display CPU usage, memory usage or user-defined application informations
* New component called SimpleDropDownButton - a button with an arrow icon to open a popupMenu
* Added support for JXGroupableTableHeader
* SyntheticaOffice demo source code (for licensees)
* Updated SwingX library

Product Information:


Webstart Demo: