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GFP Personal Finance Manager 0.8.0 Released!

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GFP is a Java/Swing personal finance manager that is translated to 11 languages and is being translated to more. It supports credit card, checking, and savings accounts. It has an intuitive GUI that makes it easy to learn and use. It has a budget feature and many reports to help on finance management. After some months of usage, GFP begins to try to predict your finance behavior for the configured type of transactions.

This release makes some performance enhancements on importing routines and general GFP usage that make GFP handle hundred of thousands transactions on screen. Now GFP imports data from OFC and OFX files, and also imports data from a specific Brazilian credit card report. Several language translations have been updated, and this release comes with all Brazilian and Portuguese banks (it will appear only for those kinds of users). The source code has begun to be translated into English, and some bugs have been fixed.

For more details about the project visit:

Igor Regis