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How can add new classes to the mobicents-examples

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Joined: 2006-11-10

I wonder if any body knows how I can add new classes into the sip-wake-up example project. Recently I used Mohicans example ( Wakeup services) and change to new service. I modified and changed and build.xml. Now I have to add new class. I add new files which are my classes into the project and created class files in sip-wake-up /classess/WakeUpe-sbb but the build.xml does not include my class files in sip-wake-up/Jars/wakeup-DU.jar. when I deploy-all every things is all right. The program works when an event receives. I have got Java.lang .noClassDefFoundError when the line which will create an instants (object) of my own classes. I will be very grateful if some body can help me.

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Joined: 2006-01-09

Change this line:

into ... - this has to build valid sbb.jar

or create jar out of Your classes and put in into Wake-Up-Sbb-DU.jar/library