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My First Hello-World on bluray

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Joined: 2004-04-12

I'm a java developper, I did JMF too in the past, now i want to do my first BD-J for fun.
How to create a Panel, say yellow, and Hello-world on it and play it in my Playstation 3 ?

There I saw the framework grin.

Suppose I have my java code.. How do I put it on a bluray to test it ? There is a simulator when I can test the result on my code with the video ?

I suppose that I need a commercial software to authoring it, because I didn't find any free.

What is the cheapest software to do that ? I don't want to create menus, convert videos.. just use a bluray structure and add my BD-J code.

I have a free movie (Elephants Dream 1080p) that I can authorize with TS Remux and play it on the PS3, but I would like to add BD-J on that.

The goal is to do it for myself, but maybe I'll be able to do contract after that.. I make never enough money :)