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Has anyone here developed a localized SMS Application?

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Does anyone here know how to go about developing an SMS Application in language different than English? That would include using your own fonts and input methods etc.

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Sorry that you are disappointed by the answers (or lack thereof). Please keep in mind two things:

- The forums are monitored and answered on a "best effort" basis. Our Sun engineers are basically doing this as a community service and may not be experts in all topics.

- In general, and this is true for most forums, you have a higher chance of getting answers to your questions if you ask specific questions. Your initial question was quite general.

That said, I *did* see your original question but didn't have an immediate answer to it so I was hoping someone else on the forum would have some expertize.

Here are some general pointers I found:

- JSR 238 is the internationalization API which is part of MSA (JSR 248). But of course if you're targeting MIDP 2.0 phones that will be no help right now.

- I seem to remember NetBeans Mobility Pack has an internationalization wizard. See the following link and look for "localization"

- A bit of googling turned up a number of hits, e.g.:

Hope this helps. Once you've solved the internationalization issue it would be great if you post your findings in our ME Application Developer wiki for the next developer who has these questions:


-- Terrence

Joined: 2005-09-05

Thanks Terrence I will check them out and I would love to contribute to the wiki, that is if me and my freind can figure out how to build the application. I will also keep in mind the pointers you suggested whenever I ask a question in the forums. Thanks again.

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I was involved in a connected Java ME news reader project where we had to create application versions for both Arabic and Russian languages.

It wasn't easy!! Arabic is bi-directional and has ligatures.

To get it done we did five things.

(1) Data was transferred using UTF-8 bytes
(2) We used bitmap fonts (J2ME Polish has a bit map font creator I believe)
(3) Ligature translator (custom built)
(4) Bi-directional sorting (we used an open source one)
(5) Language specific keypad mappings (we begged, borrowed and hassled ppl in the respective regions until we figured these out).

Hope that helps.


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First of all I'm really sorry for my rude words. Next [b]irond13[/b] [i]"je suie Ethiopiane"[/i], pardon my French but I'm an Ethiopian. And [b]nirmalya[/b] I need help with the encoding aspects me and my friend have dealt with the other aspects like the input mode etc. Here is what I need to know.
1. Can my application work on all phones that support MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1? If so what are the preconditions? I mean do we need a compatible font installed on the phones, should we meddle with the encoding etc?
2. We have went as far as displaying the characters and input the Ethiopic characters successfully and I believe the sending and receiving of messages is a standard procedure. What else should we take into consideration?

Thanks a lot for offering to help.

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I have some experience in developing an application that can send out SMS in several different languages which use non-English characters (such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.). How can I help you?

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I must say this forums is one of the most boring forums I've ever been in! Nobody want to help and that's kinda [b]discouraging[/b] but what the hey I find help some other place. Thanks but no thanks.

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Are you French by any chance?

(BTW, I'm sure if someone could help you out they would)