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How many Rendezvous and Relay connections should I allow

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Hi there,

I'm working on a Rendezvous/Relay server that will be sitting on the internet and potentially serving a lot (1000+) of peers. I've been wondering about the "max connections" setting in the network configurator.

What is a reasonable number to set as the max number of connections?

When peers connect to a rendezvous, are they permanently connected or is it more of a "check back every 5 minutes" type deal?

In this case setting max connections to 100 would seam reasonable. Of course, if peers stay permanently connected, then I'd need to set ~1000 as the max connection value. Could this be a problem?

Is it reasonable to set a max connections value of 1,000? 10,000?
What will this affect? Bandwidth? Memory? CPU time?

thanks in advance,
your insights will be greatly appreciated

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Joined: 2007-06-14


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I don't have first-hand experience of serving 1000+ peers with JXTA. But I have some ideas on the issue based on my experiences on setting up a web server serving 1 million+ users.

I assume you are going to use HttpTransport. Since the JXTA uses the embedded Jetty web server, you may check the performance tuning guide of Jetty. The biggest overhead/bottleneck of the rendezvous is the transport part. The internal housekeeping and search at the rendezvous are not too bad.

Yes, it is "check back every 5 minutes" thing, unless a rogue hacker wants to screw up your system by configuring a peer to attack your rendezvous every nanosecond. Well, that would be a different story. Every web server faces the same treacherous plot, which could be foiled with the similar counter-attack remedies. Right?