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Unexpectedly disconnection from RDV peer

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RendezVousService is one of 6 JXTA standard services.
All JXTA standard services are using pipe (a unidirectional, unreliable message delivery mechanism) to do the necessary communication with each other. Here handling incoming messages can be done based on poling-model or controlled by associated listeners.

I’m wondering that Rdv and its clients can have a time out - featured communication link!
How it is possible?

1. - Can a user configure the JXSE so, that JXSE uses TCP or BiDiPipe (instead UDP) to deliver its 6 standard services to myAPP?

2. - Why your Rdv and clients must use TCP to communicate?



After a more precise look at log - report, it seems, that the caller of close() uses different available ports for different actions BUT within the same “communication-session” as following:[b]1540[/b] vs.[b]4981[/b]

[b]Or[/b][b]3508[/b] vs.[b]3506[/b]

Is it (also, maybe) the cause for failed close-operation, reported often in other forum’s threads or at mailing list?

What happens, if you change the source code of [b]net.jxta.impl.endpoint.tcp.TcpConnection.close[/b] ([b]696[/b]) so that assigned available IO-port is used for all actions (sending message to Rdv and close the socket, and also other operations, if any…)?

Joined: 2007-08-17

Hello Asghar
1. I have some edge peers, all of them can't reach each other dirrecly as they are in different networks behind firewalls. And I have one public rdv peer. For beeing able to send message from one peer to other peer I should
- at first connect to RDV
- and then create Socket conncetion between peers.
if a peer is disconnected from RDV I'll not have an ability to create socket connection to it.

2. I've used TCP protocol as it works more stable and quickly. maybe I'm worng with that. can you advise which protocol is better?
3 I'll try to experiment with source code