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MaintainJ 1.3 Released- Reverse Engineer Java Like Never Before

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MaintainJ(, an Eclipse plug-in, generates runtime UML sequence and class diagrams for a use case. MaintainJ is the tool to turn to when :

--You want to find out what exactly happens in the application when you run a use case.
--You need to quickly understand large, complex Java code.
--You want to reduce the maintenance costs by more than 20%.

MaintainJ is different from any reverse engineering tools you have seen before.

Forget Static Reverse Engineering - UML diagrams from source code can take you only so far. Run a use case and generate UML sequence and class diagrams for that use case to debug and understand complex systems.
Save the Time Spent in Debugger - Debuggers help. But they are tiresome. Save the time you must spend in the debugger by first reading the runtime UML diagrams to get an overview.
Explore the Diagrams - MaintainJ sequence diagrams are a pleasure to read. You can expand and collapse the calls while exploring a complex sequence diagram.
Focus on What You Need - Only application classes (no API calls) are shown in diagrams. All loop calls and recursive calls are removed from sequence diagrams.
Generate. Do Not Draw - Code is the truth. Run the code and generate UML whenever you need.
Save Maintenance Costs - Development costs 10%. Maintenance costs 90%. Understanding code costs 50% of maintenance costs. Save by generating UML diagrams that help you to quickly understand code.
Open Source Based - MaintainJ is an Eclipse based, $20/year product. Buy it or just use and blog it. Or tell us about a more useful product for those who support and maintain complex Java applications.

Choudary Kothapalli.

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The Marine Engineers Beneficial Association would like to thank you for the help provided with this helpful information that was put to good use.