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A question from Jxta Tutorial

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Joined: 2007-09-05

Hello guys. I'm a new beginer in JXTA.

When I run the tutorial from the web site.I've faced some problem. In the example Bidi it always come out a timeout exception.

I ran this program in my NB. I have put the client and server in separate subdirectory. I don't know why it happened. Could somebody tell me?

Last, I paste the exception here:

Attempting to establish a connection
failed to bind the JxtaBiDiPipe due to the following exception connection timeout
at net.jxta.util.JxtaBiDiPipe.connect(
at net.jxta.util.JxtaBiDiPipe.connect(
at JxtaBidiPipeExample.(
at JxtaBidiPipeExample.main(

Thanks a lot. If there's something I don't express well please tell me. :)

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Joined: 2007-09-05

BTW. not only the bidi example but it also come out in socket example.

it seems that this problem will come out in most client/server example.

Joined: 2007-10-12

DId anyone find a solution for this?

I am trying to run the examples from the JXTA programming guide, in particular the JxtaBiDiPipe example where they show to use pipes for exchanging messages and the client always times out..
Server is running ok I guess and on port 9701.. I tested this with telnet and the jxta>hello message...
The client does not seem, to find the server and connect to it..
And this also happens with the other examples..
I'm running everything under win xp... could this be a problem?? hmmmm...
Maybe there are some basic settings that I am forgetting to include..
Find in attachment the sources that are givin me the problem (they should be run from different folders)
Please HelP!!!!