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wats goin on here? jxta does not work.

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Joined: 2007-08-28

ok guys
can you tell me why are so interested in jxta while nothing is working
have you ever tried myjxta?
this is the last sun app showing the power of this network
is somebody has found a peer, a simple neighbour network?
i didn't so i tell myself i doesn't make any sense
in fact jxta is not working at all
am i right?
so what is the point of all these questions?
can somebody out there is able to say jxta is actually working?
hope you are not wasting your time folks!
because im feeling i really do!

the right question to ask is "is sun all fooling us?"

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Joined: 2007-09-05

what do you mean by doesn't work ?
I use it for one of my project ( : a "web music player" that allow distant access to personal music library like itunes...) and it works for the moment (i'm in beta).
But i don't use it really for p2p only for relay/nat traversal technic (some kind of web <-> p2p proxy)...


Joined: 2007-07-15

Well, I also disagree about the first post. I know of at least one startup ( that is using jxta as its infrastructure and it has been successful so far. There's a major concern though: building jxta apps are still a pain in the ass and some parts of the platform are broken. Nevertheless, it deserves a look. :-)

I think one of the main jxta drawbacks was the over complexity of some design decisions (there was no such thing as agile projects back then) and the jxta community is somewhat bind to these first time decisions...

PS: As far as I know myjxta was a toy app that is retired. Many other project on the jxta site are on the same situation.