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OpenCoeli - Cartes du Ciel for Java

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Joined: 2007-09-03

OpenCoeli is software for creating astronomical maps.

This project wants reimplement Cartes du Ciel from scratch to Java. We are trying to write readable, maintainable and documented code, which will be pleasure to extend. OpenCoeli will not be just desktop application, but also set of reusable libraries. In longer terms we have ambitious to became most widely used framework for astronomical applications.

This project have four subparts. Each of than can be used independently as library in other application.

==== Map rendering library ====
Creates high quality star charts. Is vector based, resolution independent. Can render to screen, printer and many graphic formats including SVG and PDF. Internaly it uses Java2D and Piccolo. It utilize various design patterns (composite, decorators, layers, layout managers...)

==== Data sources ====
For accessing various data. Local SQL server is preferred, but also binary file, text/xml document, web service or completely different way can be used. Big priority is integration with various Virtual Observatory datasources.

==== Local data compilation ====
SQL database which contains compilation of various astronomical data. It is indexed and linked together, so it allows queries like 'give me all galaxies from Virgo, where was supernova in last year'. Thanks to Java Persistence API it is easily extendible and support over 20 databases.

==== GUI ====
Swing based GUI on top of Netbeans Rich Client Platform. RCP solves many common problems of GUI design and greatly speed up development.

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