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sun webserver fails to start instance

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Joined: 2007-08-29

Hi all,

I am trying to configure load balancer with sun app server 9.1 and web server 6.1. After configuring load balancer pluging in webserver, it cannot start instance giving following message.

Sun ONE Web Server 6.1SP5 B08/18/2005 00:48
failure: CORE3170: Configuration initialization failed: Error running init function load-modules: dlopen of /opt/sunWeb61/https-sdp-193-solaris/../plugins/lbplugin/bin/ failed ( webservd: fatal: /opt/sunWeb61/https-sdp-193-solaris/../plugins/lbplugin/bin/ wrong ELF data format: ELFDATA2MSB)

I am working on a x86 32bit with solaris 10.

Any suggestions??