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Questions on the phoneME VM

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in the context of my PhD thesis I plan to extend a JVM by support for
aspect-oriented execution mechanisms. Therefor, I am looking for a
J(K)VM implementation which (at the best) can also be deployed to a
'real' limited device target.
I consider to use the phoneME feature VM and have a few questions
regarding this:

1. What are the main differences between the phoneME feature VM and the
KVM reference implementation from Sun? Is there a documentation
describing something about this?

2. For the Linux on ARM target platform, the following software is also
required: "MontaVista Linux Consumer Electronics Edition 3.1".
Is the MontaVista tool really necessary and if yes: Is it possible to
obtain it without high cost?

3. Is there a test suite (like JCK) for phoneME, which is available?

I'm glad for every hint!

Kind regards,
Christine Hundt

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Hi Christine,

Sorry for the slow reply. Not sure why nobody answered this one yet. And I have been traveling. Sounds like an interesting project. Here are some answers:

1. KVM is the original CLDC 1.0/MIDP 1.0 reference implementation. It is old code that is no longer supported except for critical security bugfixes. It is also not available under GPL but only SCSL. There is also no active community around it. phoneME is the open source version of Sun's commercial CLDC/MIDP and CDC products so it is based on the latest code, is GPL, has many improvements and optimizations over KVM, and has a community around it (this one here). I'd definitely recommend phoneME for your research. Note that phoneME is actually two different code bases: "Feature" and "Advanced".

2. phoneME is pre-integrated for MontaVista but you can easily slide most other Linux under it, especially if all you need is phoneME Feature without MIDP.

3. Unfortunately, the TCK for phoneME carries a commercial license. We are working on that topic but I can't give you a good answer right now. Why do you think you need the TCK? I assume you are doing this for research purposes only, not to ship anything based on phoneME, correct?

Hope this helps,

-- Terrence

Terrence Barr
Evangelist, Java Mobile & Embedded Community
Sun Microsystems, Germany