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Error: requested contend 'Error: requested contend '123' cannot be resolved

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Joined: 2007-08-22

Can anyone help me, Iam getting this error on my cell phone when I try to access my application.

'Error: requested contend '12.345.678.123:8080' cannot be resolved'

I had updated my http Server's File Identifications configuration for jad and jar files and I have no problem downloading the jad from a browser. Also no issue with emulator.

Appreciate any help.

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Joined: 2003-06-15

Since you entered the URL as an IP address make sure that you are not NAT'ed. Typically it is better to use a Named URL such as MIDlet-Jar-URL:

If you do not have a static IP server, such as may be the case if you are trying to do this from home, you can use a service like That will allow for your dynamic IP that your ISP provides to be named and make it so you don't have to edit the jad file all the time.

You may need to also open the port 8080 on your router firewall and make sure proper routing from your external IP to an internal IP are setup correctly. But if you can hit the URL and port from an external location (such as work), then it should work and you may need to make sure your MIMEtypes table for your webserver are setup to report the correct type. (don't think that's the issue based on your error message, but just in-case).


Joined: 2004-03-04

One common problem is the MIDlet url in the jad file needs to be updated once the application is moved to an external server. You can hand-edit the jad file to ensure the MIDlet jar url property really points to the fully qualified path of the jar file. That should allow the installed to find and load the jar. If you get more errors once the jar has loaded be sure to also verify the jad size and MIDlet name properties.

-- Terrence

Joined: 2007-08-22

Just added comments to my original post: Can we hand edit the app.jad file? I see the file created in a directory say app/bin/app.jad can I move to to the root and make the path app only? Is this allowed? Could this be the reason that its not working?