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GUI Commands 2.1 Released

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GUI Commands a comprehensive command framework for Swing user interface applications. It provides a solid Object Oriented base that takes the effort out of creating and managing buttons, menus and toolbars.

Version 2.1 builds on 2.0 with new features, improved documentation and bug fixes. Source code licenses are now also available.

New Features

  • New annotations for creating and binding ActionCommands and SwingWorkerCommands from regular methods. The new annotations are processed using GuiCommands.bindAnnotatedCommands(..).
  • New DEBUG mode for command groups that shows missing members. The debug mode is activated by specifying the system property com.pietschy.command.debugGroups=true.
  • New support for DelegatingToggleCommands and DelegatingToggleGroups.
  • New converter utility for converting old 1.1.x configuration files to the new 2.x format.


  • Improved and updated documentation, particularly the sections on binding, delegates and expansion points.
  • Various API improvements and cleanups detailed in the change notes

For more information please visit GUI Commands Website