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Problem with Unidirectional Pipe tutorial

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Hi all !!

I can't run properly the pipe example in the JXTA tutorial (Chapter 11 in the JXTA 2.5 programming Guide). The sending and receiving of messages sometimes work properly, but very frequently, after running the server, the client can't create the OutputPipe from the PipeAdvertisement (even after waiting about 5 or 10 minutes)... I'm running both Client and Server on machine which are not behind firewall nor NAT. And when Client success to create, it sometimes send messages that the Server never receives. Is this normal with JXTA ? or am I running those examples in an appropriated way ? Thanks a lot !!

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This problem is frequently caused by stale routes, provided it is configured w/auto port selection, most often when restarted quickly (in less than 2 minutes), the server attempts to send a response with the old defunct route. In RC3, we have added additional safeguards to avoid this. Can you verify if this is case for you, and can you also post which version of JXTA you are running the tutorial against?

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Not sure if it is this the case

I was running tutorial against version 2.5_rc1

Version 2.5_rc3 fixed this problem


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I have observed similar problem - message transfer sometimes works, and sometimes does not.

I think problem might be with pipe service, which sometimes responds twice with OutputPipeEvent to client (and sometimes not even once).

JXSE Guide suggests that I need to configure client and server to use different ports. How to do this?