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J2ME ZIllow Client Example

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This client uses the Zillow web service (REST) to provide estimated property valuations. The source code and build are available on

To research a home, select research and enter the address of the home. The client will retrieve the estimated valuation of the home as well as the valuations of nearby homes.

Screenshots and video:

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Interesting, thanks. What is the license on this and the previous applications you've submitted? I don't see seem to see any obvious license statements.


-- Terrence

Joined: 2006-09-14

Hello, that is a good point. I will do a better job of indicating the license/terms in future application postings.

The applications and their source code are released under the Apache License Version 2.0.

For some applications, such as Yipi, stock photography (under license) is used in the creation of the splash images and icons. In this case, the images are viewable as part of the finished application but are not included in the source download.

Most of the example applications take 2-3 days to complete and are intended to be freely used and distributed. Although I try to include a license statement at the beginning of each source file, I need to do a better job at indicating the terms for each packaged application.

In fact, most of, including the remote logger, file upload, and image proxy servlets are licensed under Apache V2 also. In addition, the web application and midlet are also covered.

Between consulting and building CliqCafe I try to create a new example whenever I get a free weekend. Next on my list are example clients for Yelp and Ning.