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Lost touch with Java

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Joined: 2007-08-18

Hi all,

I have lost touch with programming in java. I used it extensively in college but because I could not find a job at the time, I went a differnt route. I am a self-taught LAMP developer but I would like to re-learn java or j2ee. I have a fulltime job as a web developer but unfortunately I dont think my company will be letting me touch the java projects. I was thinking of joining an open-source project (idoubt the ppl of those projects accept ppl with my level of experience in java). I have read books and online tutorials but I am more of a result-driven, learn-by-example kind of person. I have setup my own environment to learn in but alas, my progress has not been fruitful because I have no goal (other than to learn and gain some experience). I was hoping someone can point me to an open source project that accepts pple of my level of expertise or anything of the sort that will help me gain some experience.



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Joined: 2007-09-08

I also lost touch with java but even then i made my website portal but not got break yet.

Joined: 2007-08-30

Hi fobster,

That reminds me of myself, loved Java in college but worked as a Perl/PHP programmer for a while and dropped Java.

I do a little Java programming at the moment in work but would like to get more experience with J2EE (and Struts, Hibernate, EJB 3.0 etc) It's such a broad area these days that it's hard to know where to start. Frustration leads to anger, anger leads to the Dark Side ;-)

I have been thinking about looking for an OS project to join or starting one up myself. What kind of areas are you interested in? We should start a OS web project!