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JGoodies Swing Suite 1.9.0

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Joined: 2003-06-11

Create Sophisticated, Professional, and Rich User Interfaces

I've released the JGoodies Swing Suite version 1.9.0.
This suite of Swing productivity libraries has been moved
towards the JSR 296 (Swing application framework) draft.

JGoodies focuses on Java look, UI design and usability.
We provide articles, libraries, example applications,
a Swing application architecture, and a Swing framework,
all intended to make Java look good and work well.

The commercial JGoodies Swing Suite helps you build
sophisticated and rich Swing UIs. It is built upon
our free JGoodies libraries. The Swing Suite adds a
commercial user interface framework, priority support
for the open source JGoodies, and brings all sources
for the public JGoodies tools and demos.

The Swing Suite demonstrates Java desktop patterns,
shows how to tie things together, how to build elegant
applications efficiently, helps you get started with
Swing quickly, and it standardizes how your team works
with domain objects, Swing views, and presentation logic.
The Suite contains a rich skeleton application that
you can use as a jump-start for your next Swing project.
All JGoodies libraries work with standard and customized
Swing components. Although the libraries guide you through
the production process, they have been designed to work
with many different programming styles. Find details at:

Every Swing Suite purchase is also a means to help me
finance my many open source Java desktop activities.
If you are a software professional who saves time
and money using the free JGoodies desktop libraries
Looks, Forms, Binding, or Validation, please consider
licensing the JGoodies Swing Suite.

The Swing Suite has been moved towards the JSR 296 (Swing
application framework). Since its early days the Swing Suite's
User Interface Framework (UIF) addresses issues that are
now being standardized in the JSR 296: application life cycle,
resource organization, action management, and persisting UI state.
The JSR has not reached the "Early Draft" review state of the
Java Community Process. However, some concepts are stable and
already supercede solutions used in older Swing Suite versions.

The Swing Suite contains an implementation of a stable subset
of the JSR 296 pre-draft. The Suite 1.8 moved its life cycle
and resource organization towards the JSR 296. The Suite 1.9
contains an overhauled JSR 296-like action management. All
example applications have been updated to use and demonstrate
the new resource organization and action management.

The Binding, Validation, and User Interface Framework (UIF)
as well as the example applications have been moved to Java 5.

Find more change notes and information about the
need or no-need for a product update/upgrade here:

The Swing Suite 1.9.0 final is available from
the password protected product download page:

Your Swing Suite license does not expire, and a renewal
is not necessary. However, a renewal is appreciated
to finance the maintenance and further improvements
of the Swing Suite and open source JGoodies libraries.
Depending on the version you have, a renewal is more
or less interesting. Here's a table with the estimated
update importance. Importance to update from version:
1.8.0 - interesting
1.7.0 - recommended
1.6.x - recommended
1.5.x - strongly recommended

Best regards,
Karsten Lentzsch